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Finally, I found the time to clean up the pages, restructure the site, and restart its maintenance after more than 1.5 years.

It was a very hard time because of lots of study, different projects and works at the same time, so I really couldn't update pages, and I had and still have the developement and maintanence of my commercial site; PNT Co. which is a huge site, and consumes much of my time, but situations are much better now, and I can put some time in this site too. As always, the interesting thing is that All of this personal site and the other commercial one are all built using only Amiga, and I assure everybody (and proud of it) that Only scanning of pictures, and later tests for compatibility reasons are done on other machines! Everyday, I find more reasons to beleive Only Amiga makes it possible. Most software are shareware Amiga programs, which I use in my everydsay web design, image processing, internet, etc.

I use CED 3.5, PPaint7.0, GFXConvert, WhirlGif, CandyFactory, VoyagerNG 2.95, Miami 3.0, AmFTP, AmTelnet, HTMLView.mcc by Allan Odgaard, and YAM 2.0, plus a few other programs, and they are all enough for all of my work. I even write my Perl/CGI and JavaScripts using the same tools, and then I test them on other machines. PCs are not even useful for text editting, they waste time and make headaches.

The OCR project is still in progress, and I am trying to put some snap shots of the interface, and more reports of what I have done till now in its specific page. You can find link also in my Projects page.

The site will continue to be an Amiga site. We will continue our Amiga related projects, including being official ATO Persian site, and developement of Amiga programs, but I would like to cover more computer related topics, technical stuff, etc. During my study in the passed 5 years, I have entered in more fields of computer technology and IT, so I would like to put more of it in this site. I hope people find the site useful.

I have to thank visitors, specially Amigans, which continued their visits to the site during the past year, although the site was very static and not refreshed. I couldn't make good looking pages, because of no time I had, but you continued your kind visits, mails, etc. Thank you all .


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